“Because more and more people are searching for properties online before they even step into an estate agents office, great photographs are increasingly becoming essential in marketing a house. ­­­­­­­­­­A good photograph of a property will catch the eye of house-hunters instantly, whereas poorly lit, wonky pictures are off-putting and relegate a property to the ‘to look at later’ list.”  Right Move 


Two of the most important things buyers are usually looking for in a property are space and light, unfortunately these are two of the most difficult aspects of interior photography. Low and varying levels of light, along with tight and awkwardly shaped rooms can often present a challenge. There are times when semi-professional or even consumer cameras will give sufficient results, but there are many occasions when it is simply not possible to get the desired shots without the use of a professional photographer with professional equipment. There are a number of reasons for this:


- A professional SLR camera complete with Full Frame Sensor, is essential for shooting in low light and creating High Resolution images.

- The use of a Ultra Wide Angle Lens is key to achieving the desired shot when it comes to Interior Photography. It allows for bright and spacious images, showing rooms and all their features in their entirety whatever the situation.

- A high powered flash unit is also important by helping create a well lit and balanced degree of light.

Ultra Wide Angle Lens

How many properties have you viewed where only the corner of a room is seen, and you’re asked, how much space actually is there? Sadly many buyers won’t even bother to view the property as it appears far smaller than it may actually be.

By using an Ultra Wide Angle lens, it means even the smallest of rooms can be shown at their fullest. This is especially important with rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen where you want to show all of their features. You will also get a much better composed and visually appealing shot as no funny angles will have been used in a bid to fit everything in.

Typical Compact Camera



Wide Angle Lens



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Professional SLR

There are several advantages to using a professional SLR. Improved image quality is one, and is due to a number of factors, such as higher resolution (mega pixels), improved micro processors within the camera, and by the cameras image sensor. Most professional cameras will be fitted with a Full Frame Image Sensor opposed to the smaller sensors found in most other digital cameras. As well as improved image quality the Full Frame Sensor also allows for better images in low light and a wider field of view, both of which are an advantage when shooting interiors.


Expertise and Experience

As with any industry, expertise and experience are vital when it comes to getting the most out of a service. As well as a keen eye for composition, a good knowledge of your equipment and how it works is vital.

Educated in Art, Design and Photography, and with many years experience within the photography sector, I am able to bring the skills I’ve acquired to this very challenging and technical side of the industry.

One area of expertise often overlooked, is post editing; as well as generally tidying up shots it can also be used to correct issues which even a professional photographer can’t get around at the time of a visit.

An example would be the front and rear aspect shots, not only are these the first photos to be seen, they also add to the general feel and desirability of a property as well as giving a small indication to the type of neighborhood, so these shots are very important to get right. Unfortunately this is one area that can be extremely problematic as due to the nature of the shot it can often leave the sky over-exposed (blown-out). However, with the use of photo editing software this can be overcome by having a blue sky edited in, making a huge difference to the overall impression of a property and helping it achieve a pleasant and appealing appearance.

' Right Move  suggest that one reason a property may not be selling is due to inadequate exterior shots'

Blue Sky Enhancement

With the use of photo editing software, otherwise blown-out backgrounds can be replaced with picturesque blue sky, giving the image a far more appealing presence. No matter what time of day, weather or season, the property will always look at its very best. 







Please view the 'Portfolio' page for more examples